The aspiration

To manage our business operations in a sustainable, socially responsible manner is an important part of Dötzel’s corporate philosophy. Embracing such fundamental values as honesty, transparency, fairness and authenticity is one of the paramount goals of our group. We incorporate social and ecological aspects into our business processes, and thus contribute towards long term commercial success.

Creating values together

A company has to operate at a sustainable profit if it is to meet its responsibilities to its staff, its business associates, its shareholders, to the natural environment and to society as a whole. Dötzel, however, is also of the firm conviction that in the long-term profits can be achieved only if the company concerned deals fairly with all the partners involved, makes prudent use of resources, and commits fully to its social responsibilities.
We stand for machines and lines that are innovatively and performatively optimised, use few resources, minimise their environmental impact, and offer safety for the operating and maintenance staff. We have set ourselves goals as a worldwide technological leader:

Exhibit the lowest consumption of energy and media.
Operate with the eco friendliest processing materials.
Do not cause any ecologically harmful emissions.
Operate with a high proportion of recovered recyclables.
Utilise a large amount of regeneratively produced energies.
Are able to produce recyclable water types.
Minimise the unusable proportion of materials contained.


Dötzel’s activities in terms of ecology are geared towards achieving the greatest possible efficiency in the use of resources.
It is important for Dötzel that the staff, too, are involved in the realisation of activities that uses resources sparingly. The "Improvement Idea Space" platform allows all staff to contribute their own suggestions for improving the use of materials or energy consumption into the processes.
By these measures Dötzel recognises its responsibility to protect the environment and the earth's climate. This applies both for the products that Dötzel delivers to its customers and to its own production.
In a family firm like Dötzel, keeping our people happy and motivated is a particularly enshrined priority. The aim is to foster a long-lasting, fair and fruitful partnership.

Social and economic stability is based on trust

This is why, for a company’s long-term success, it is crucial that it meets its responsibilities as part of society as a whole. At Dötzel, a relationship of mutual trust with the staff and with all relevant stakeholders enjoys maximised priority, as does a meaningful commitment to the society we live in.