Years of experience in the industry provide the basis for our agreements and contracts. The range includes all, starting at the simple inspection contract to the full service contract. You benefit from our technical expertise in project planning, efficient spare parts management and specialised service personnel in the form of long term budgetary and planning security as well as greater availability of your lines.
You may choose from several timetested contract models:
Inspection contract effective maintenance based on regular inspections

Inspection contract

 Effective maintenance based on regular inspections
Exact knowledge of how components wear
Fewer spare parts
Less unplanned machine downtime and thereby maximum line availability
Proof of care and diligence and legal evidence

Support contract

 Individual and fast online help
Scope of services and response time defined in the contract
Contract as legal basis for remote service to provide quick solutions to machine problems
System parameter setting via remote service replaces the service engineer on site

Maintenance contract

 Provision of maintenance on a joint basis
Selection of specific services from the entire LCS portfolio for your individual requirements
Dötzel project managers provide planning, support and documentation of the maintenance services
Precise budget and material planning for your maintenance objects
A continuously high line output level is ensured

On site

Lower output and increased downtime are often typical symptoms of ageing equipment. But that is not always the case! With appropriate preventive measures, your machines and lines will remain as "fresh" as they were on the first day of production.
LCS OnSite includes a number of different on site services that all have the same objective: to maintain the availability, efficiency and reliability of your filling line throughout its life cycle. And to achieve this objective, we leave nothing to chance.

 Your benefits
Early detection of potential problems, thus avoiding machine downtime
Maintenance of the desired condition and maximum line availability for years to come
Time and cost savings through clearly defined maintenance management
Flexible modification or expansion of your line
Quick identification and correction of malfunctions
Complete and chronological documentation of the machinery's condition


Change is the natural enemy of perfection. Since what suited you today may already be inappropriate by tomorrow.
The same applies to production lines: Conditions may have hardly changed, yet efficiency has already started to drop. And even though this development may take place imperceptibly, it nevertheless leaves noticeable traces behind. The service team from LCS Productivity combats this downward trend: By considering the production line as a whole and returning it to record performance levels through appropriate measures.

 Your benefits:
Objective, manufacturer independent efficiency analysis
Fast implementation with minimal interruption of operations
Noticeable increase in efficiency especially in the case of older lines
Analysis and implementation from a single source
Performance test of the optimised line


LCS retrofitting includes all conversion and upgrade measures to adapt your line to new products or bring it up to the state of the art. Since all Dötzel machines retain enormous flexibility over many years, you can respond to new market trends quickly and cost effectively with the appropriate handling and conversion parts. Effective upgrades translate into greater output, efficiency, ergonomics and economy. And all, of course, with the well known Dötzel quality.

 Your benefits:
Fast and specific modification of older lines to accommodate new products or production conditions
Increased efficiency from technical upgrades
Short change over times
Integration of ergonomic operating and change over elements
Quality guarantee based on functional test prior to delivery

Original spares

LCS Original Spares means provision of spare parts to the highest standards: With precision manufacturing, strict quality control, ready availability, friendly advice and short lead times, our service truly leaves nothing to be desired!

Your benefits:
Exceptional design, implemented by professionals
Container design, blow mold construction and machine technology from a single source
Material savings from optimised weight
Testing the container with respect to all process parameters
Fine tuning of the container concept to production requirements